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Technology Services

From network infrastructure transformation to disaster recovery services, we design and implement services that ensure your infrastructure runs effectively. Scroll below to view our range of Technology Services across managed Network, Cloud, Security, and Digital Workplace.

Network Technology Services

Project Management and Delivery

We offer a combination of structured methodologies, skilled project managers, supportive organisational processes, and clear communication including planning, resource management, project closure and evaluation.

Network Architecture and Design 

We have skilled architects across a range of technologies to provide high-level and low- level designs ready for delivery teams to implement. We provide the full design service or integrate with your teams as required.

Network Transition and Transformation

From assessment and planning to technology selection and integration, we help migrate from legacy or outdated network infrastructures to modern, scalable, and efficient solutions that align with your current and future business needs. Managing and mitigating “technical debt” is key in our approach. 

Cloud-delivered Security

Using our extensive partner channels, we deploy and support many of the leading SSE and SASE solutions in the cloud to help reduce the complexity and expense of enterprise security. 

Site Surveys and Documentation

We offer physical site assessments, passive, active and predictive WLAN surveys using best of breed survey tools like Ekehau providing coverage analysis and capacity planning as well as comprehensive reports for review. 

ITSM and Change Management

We provide a central point of contact for IT-related incidents and service requests. Incident, problem and change management are key parts of this service. We also maintain a detailed record of all IT assets and configuration (CMDB).

Firewall Policy Management

We provide policy creation, deployment and ongoing review throughout the life cycle of your firewall.  Continuous monitoring, and integration with threat intelligence feeds help us to ensure a strong and resilient firewall defence.

Cloud Technical Services

Infrastructure Migration and Modernisation

We help you migrate your server infrastructure and modernise your applications to benefit fully from the flexibility, security, on-demand performance and scalability of a cloud experience. Our cloud experts assess your infrastructure and provide recommendations on how best to migrate and take advantage of cloud-native services and modern cloud architecture.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

We work with you to develop and implement your hybrid and multi-cloud adoption initiatives helping you manage the overall orchestration, integration, and control of your cloud resources.


We design and implement an analytics environment that is less costly and has more capabilities than traditional data processing environments.

Cloud Networking

We assist in defining and implementing your network design, including network security elements to enable your cloud environment to integrate and operate with the remote users and servers in your existing network.

AI and Machine Learning

We enable you to maximise the use of AI and Machine Learning through effective system design. By transforming your ecosystem to be proactive and predictive we can reduce the risk of human error and empower your developers to take advantage of these self-provisioned, cloud-scale resources.

Database Migration, ETL and Data Warehousing

Through design and implementation we optimise the use of your cloud storage, data lakes, factories and pipelines.

Security Technology Services

Cloud and IT Enterprise Architecture

We develop a well-thought-out approach towards security by assembling a secure eco-system that improves the operational efficiencies of your core business areas. We deal with fragmented processes, redundant applications, and ineffective security controls by using the standard practices and frameworks for an enterprise security architecture.

Cloud and IT Security Design

We protect your cloud and/or IT infrastructure by putting in place the necessary security layers needed to protect your data and communication between your organisation, IT and cloud infrastructure.

SIEM Management and Transformation

We walk-in and take-over (WITO) the management and support of your existing SIEM platform, assisting in its transformation to a cutting-edge, cost-effective platform tailored to your individual needs. We perform due diligence assessments and provide expert advice on appropriate platform tuning.

Cloud WAF and DDoS Protection

Systal Cloud WAF Managed solution powered by Cloudflare provides unparalleled Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection against today´s application security threats. We design and implement a managed and modern application security protection solution for any business with online applications.

Privileged Access Management

We provide a managed solution that enforces least privilege and just-in-time access to your employees, contractors and/or 3rd parties whilst providing secure, remote access to your systems and resources.

Identity Access Management

We offer various technologies such as Universal Directory, Single Sign On (SSO), Adaptive Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Life Cycle Management to ensure employee, partner and customer identities are properly secured.

Secured Remote Access Management

We provide secure and controlled access for users accessing a network or system remotely using authentication, encryption, and monitoring to ensure secure connections and to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access.

Password Authentication Management

Our Password Authentication Management service provides the secure creation, storage and verification of user passwords within a system. It typically includes features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication and password policy enforcement to enhance security. This service helps you manage user access securely and mitigate the risks associated with compromised passwords.

Digital Workplace Technology Services

Workplace Design and Device Deployment

We deliver a modern, digital workplace specification that provides a secure, hybrid workspace with a focus on improving user experience and employee productivity.

Productivity Suite

Using Microsoft 365, we provide and manage a suite of cloud-based productivity tools and services that support collaboration, communication, and overall efficiency within modern, digital workplace environments, including modern device deployment through Autopilot and Device Management through Intune.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, we provide scalable and secure remote access to business applications while providing the flexibility and mobility required for a modern, distributed workforce using a shared hosted infrastructure.

Digital Media Design and Integration

We help you develop a content strategy to ensure your digital media can inform, engage and motivate your hybrid workers and business stakeholders. We integrate with your existing systems to display real-time information and use AI and ITSM tools to provide intelligent support with lower issue resolution costs.

Collaboration and Meeting Room Solutions

We provide a technology-agnostic and flexible approach to the evaluation, deployment and ongoing management of your meeting space needs allowing your business to benefit from fast and easily deployed solutions, irrespective of the technology, space, or size. From deploying complex video rooms or telepresence replacements to providing full meeting-as-a-service offerings, we have the hybrid solutions to meet your changing needs.

Site Audit and Meeting Room Preparation

We assess your equipment and processes in the digital meeting workplace and provide recommendations to improve your video and audio communications experience. We also ensure lighting, audio, furniture, and network connectivity are in accordance with your requirements.