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Architecture, Design and Implementation

Helping you design and implement security techniques, hardware and software for the protection of your data, networks and systems.

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Architecture, Design and Implementation Services

Cloud and IT Enterprise Architecture

We develop a well-thought-out approach towards security by assembling a secure eco-system that improves the operational efficiencies of your core business areas. We deal with fragmented processes, redundant applications, and ineffective security controls by using the standard practices and frameworks for an enterprise security architecture.

Cloud and IT Security Design

We protect your cloud and/or IT infrastructure by putting in place the necessary security layers needed to protect your data and communication between your organisation, IT and cloud infrastructure.

SIEM Management and Transformation

We walk-in and take-over the management and support of your existing SIEM platform, assisting in its transformation to a cutting-edge, cost-effective platform tailored to your individual needs. We perform due diligence assessments and provide expert advice on appropriate platform tuning.

Cloud WAF and DDoS protection

Systal Cloud WAF Managed solution powered by Cloudflare provides unparalleled protection against today´s application security threats. We design and implement a managed and modern application security protection solution for any business with online applications.

Privileged Access Management

We provide a managed solution that enforces least privilege and just-in-time access to your employees, contractors and/or 3rd parties whilst providing secure, remote access to your systems and resources.

Identity Access Management

We offer various technologies such as Universal Directory, Single Sign On (SSO), Adaptive Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Life Cycle Management to ensure employee, partner and customer identities are properly secured.

Secured Remote Access Management

We provide secure and controlled access for users accessing a network or system remotely using authentication, encryption, and monitoring to ensure secure connections and to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access.

Password Authentication Management

Our Password Authentication Management service provides the secure creation, storage and verification of user passwords within a system. It typically includes features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication and password policy enforcement to enhance security. This service helps you manage user access securely and mitigate the risks associated with compromised passwords.

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