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Assessment Security and Strategy Consulting

Helping you comprehensively assess your risk exposure to ensure you have the right security capabilities in place and the confidence to focus on achieving your business objectives.

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Assessment Security and Strategy Consulting

Security Professional Services

Security Maturity and Posture Assessment

We tailor our approach to meet your specific organisational needs to strengthen your security capabilities and establish robust security practices.

Security Strategy and Planning

A security strategy and plan are essential in helping you define the security aims and roadmap of your business. Our security experts help you mitigate any risks to your organisation.

Cyber, Digital and Physical Risk Mitigation

Our Cyber, Digital and Physical Risk Mitigation services focus on your organisation’s risk profile and provides a comprehensive mitigation plan to reduce your overall risk. Our experts work closely with you to assess your existing policies, procedures and cyber controls, ensuring that your specific business objectives are met and risks are managed.

Digital Forensic Consultancy and Review

We use legally admissible, expert digital forensic evidence to uncover and interpret information. This service assists clients in investigations, litigation and/or cybersecurity incidents by examining digital artifacts, identifying security breaches and providing expert insights into electronic data integrity and admissibility in legal proceedings.

Incident Management – Planning, Education and Assurance

Systal’s Incident Response service helps you prepare for response and recovery from any security incident. Our team of industry experts work closely with you to understand your organisation’s internal security incident response capabilities to design and deliver bespoke recommendations which meet your individual business needs.

Third-Party Security Risk Management

We focus on your specific engagement with third parties, providing a deep and wide analysis of your third-party landscape so that you can fully understand your organisation’s risk exposures. We assess your current approach to third-party security risks and provide practical recommendations for enhancement using leading industry practices.

Security and Privacy Industry Standards and Frameworks

We ensure that your organisation is compliant with industry recognised frameworks and your business activities are within the limits of local and international laws. We address the challenges of managing security risks to achieve organisational strategies.

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