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Cyber Defence and Security Operations

Systal’s Operational Services offer a comprehensive framework to safeguard your organisation’s digital health and resilience.

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Cyber Defence and Security Operations

Cyber Defence and Security Operations

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our global SOC teams continuously monitor, analyse and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents. Our round-the-clock surveillance and advanced security analytics ensure your organisation’s digital assets are protected against evolving cyber threats. Our SOC provides a pivotal role in maintaining your security posture, offering peace of mind through vigilant monitoring and rapid response capabilities as well as leveraging the latest cyber threat intelligence.

Cyber Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT)

We provide an immediate, expert response to cybersecurity incidents, ensuring swift containment and mitigation of cyber-attacks or breaches. Our on-call team of specialists are equipped to handle various cyber threats, providing guidance and strategic solutions to minimise impact and restore security swiftly and are available 24/7/365. We prioritise rapid response and effective management of incidents to protect your organisation's integrity and resilience against cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management

We proactively identify, prioritise, and remediate vulnerabilities in your organisation's digital infrastructure. Our approach not only focuses on detecting vulnerabilities but also on implementing strategic measures to mitigate potential cyber threats. We work to ensure your systems are resilient against cyber-attacks through continuous monitoring and timely updates.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

This service encompasses comprehensive monitoring and response strategies for cybersecurity threats. It involves vigilant detection of potential security incidents and prompt, effective actions to mitigate risks. Our team can manage EDR and automation products within your organisation, ensuring you are able to handle emerging threats through proactive monitoring and adaptive response strategies.

Cryptography Management

Specialising in the management and implementation of cryptographic solutions, this service is vital for securing communications and safeguarding data. We manage all aspects of cryptography, including key management, policy development, and compliance with security standards, ensuring robust protection for your digital communications and data.

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