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Security Services

Our end-to-end global capability provides a holistic approach to cyber defence, managing your security risk and protecting you from those with the intent of doing harm.

Security Services

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Our Security Products

Assessment Security and Strategy Consulting Services

Our Assessment Security and Strategy Consulting Services help you comprehensively assess your organisation’s risks and demonstrate that you have the right capabilities in place to achieve your strategic business objectives. We will help you identify the scale of your cyber security risk exposure and design practical action plans to close any gaps.

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Cyber Defence and Security Operations

Systal's Operational Services offer a comprehensive framework to safeguard your organisation's digital health and resilience. With a dedicated Cyber Defence Centre and continuous Security Operations, our services are meticulously designed to proactively monitor, manage, and mitigate potential cyber threats.

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Architecture, Design and Implementation

Our Technology Services help you design and implement security techniques, hardware and software for the protection of your data, networks and systems. We provide end-to-end cyber security solutions tailored specifically as a response to the challenges faced by your organisation.

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