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Network Operational Services

Systal network experts offer an array of technology services solutions. View our solutions on the list below, or contact us to arrange an initial consultation with a Systal expert.

Managed Network Services

Managed LAN Services

We manage all on-premise equipment across your Data Centre, Campus and Branch locations including the management of LAN switches, WLAN infrastructure, load balancers and DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM). 

Managed WAN Services

We manage your enterprise sites including CPE (routers, SD WAN/SASE), WAN connectivity (MPLS, Internet, SD WAN) service operations management and life cycle management.

Managed Security Services

We operate, configure and maintain your security technologies including Secure Service Edge (SSE), SASE, Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, Network Access Control and Network Firewalling with IDS and IPS. We offer branch office, remote and on-premise internet security, private application access and cloud service security functions.

Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Our single consolidated portal for integrating application architecture and enabling technologies designed to allow the customised, high-quality, and scalable delivery of our managed network services to our enterprise customers.

Service Management

We combine life cycle management and end to end service integration activities supported by tool-based workflows, automation and our customer support mechanisms to provide you with a fully managed service.

Operations Automation

We automate all of the tasks and activities related to the SDP, service management integration functions and customer experience management to achieve consistent MNS service delivery quality.

Customer Support

We utilise customer support functions such as customer portals, management and co-management, equipment purchase and related design and implementation to support you throughout.

Communication Managed Services

Unified Communications Services 

We provide business continuity by managing your IP telephony systems and endpoints. Our managed services extend to supporting contact centre software for voice services, messaging systems and video conferencing for remote collaboration.

Network Services 

Your underlying network is key for successful voice and video provision. We ensure that your network (routers, switches, firewalls and inter-connectivity) is reliable and properly configured to support your communications strategy. 

Collaboration Tools

We support and manage tools that provide effective communication, cooperation, and coordination among team members, allowing them to collaborate in real time.

Communication Augmentation

Acting as a natural extension of your IT team, we provide quick access to skilled communications professionals with expertise tailored to your project requirements helping you avoid the cost of hiring full time employees.

Mobility Solutions

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) services and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies help you enhance the flexibility, productivity, and security of your workforce. We help facilitate mobile working solutions by integrating with your authentication platform of choice. i.e. Active Directory and Network Access Control (NAC).

Communication Security

We ensure that your communication services adhere to industry regulations and legal requirements while recognising the importance of implementing end-to-end encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive communication data.

Network Project Management Services

Service Management Wrap

Our service managers follow standard methodologies like ITIL to improve your business continuity.

RFS and Change Control

The Request for Service (RFS) process initiates the change process for us to respond and evaluate all requests. We asses, approve and implement proposed changes in a controlled manner minimising risks to service and work with your Change Advisory Board (CAB) where required. 

Documentation and Reporting 

We maintain detailed documentation of network configurations, hardware and software inventory, and network diagrams offering regular reporting on network performance, security incidents, and compliance with service level agreements. 

Specialist Network Expertise

We provide quick access to skilled network and security specialists with specific expertise tailored to your service requirements. We help you avoid the costs of hiring full time employees and provide skills that may not be available internally to utilise as an extension of your team. 

Compliance and Regulation

We ensure that the network infrastructure complies with industry regulations and organisational policies, whilst implementing measures to protect sensitive data transmitted over the network, in compliance with data protection laws.