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NETSCOUT provide service assurance and cyber-security solutions. The company’s major products include nGenius and Infinistream technology platforms, which help users to analyze data; achieve visibility and real-time, actionable intelligence; identify service delivery issues and improve service levels.

Why Systal and NETSCOUT?

Systal work closely with NETSCOUT to deploy and utilise a range of solutions in the following areas:

Service Assurance, Network and Application performance monitoring

Systal leverage NETSCOUT nGenius solutions which use deep packet inspection techniques and simulated transactions to help our customers avoid network and system outages.

DDoS Mitigation

Systal utilise NETSCOUT Arbor solutions as a means of early detection, preventing system outages and protecting our customers from sophisticated and targeted DDoS attacks.

Network Security Detection and Response

Systal helps deploy and run NETSCOUT Omnis solutions which use deep packet inspection techniques to detect security intrusions, behaviour anomalies, unexpected traffic, bad signatures, and policy violations to help prevent and respond to security incidents in our customer’s systems.

  • Tony-King

    “The strategic partnership between Systal and NETSCOUT is bringing network and application visibility for performance and security to the most prestigious companies and their critical networks in a vendor agnostic manner. That broad diversity of customer experience lends itself to NETSCOUT’s leading solutions that monitors businesses that strive to be unstoppable, whether that be from a performance, denial of service or cyber threat point of view.

    Systal is exceptional in its staff experience and its commitment and investment in training experts that work on each customer engagement. Operationalizing monitoring and analysis is the key to success in our markets and Systal excels in this area.”

    Tony King, Senior Vice President International Sales at NETSCOUT