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Cloudflare is a leading connectivity cloud company. It empowers organisations to make their employees, applications and networks faster and more secure everywhere, while reducing complexity and cost. Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud delivers the most full-featured, unified platform of cloud-native products and developer tools, so any organisation can gain the control they need to work, develop, and accelerate their business.

Systal is proud to have Cloudflare Accredited professionals across a range of services:

  • Cloudflare Accredited Sales Engineer
  • Cloudflare Accredited Configuration Engineer
  • Cloudflare Accredited Sales Professional Level I
  • Accredited MSP – Services Management

Featured Initiative: Cloud Web Application Firewall

Applications are as critical as ever to business, which is why they are relentlessly targeted by attackers, amounting to growing organizational security concerns. Concerns range from remaining protected against emerging 0-day exploits, to detecting evasion attempts, to reducing risk of credential stuffing that leads to account takeover, to detecting data loss, scanning for malware uploads to applications, even sophisticated distributed denial of service attacks.

These concerns are coupled with the need to ensure application protections are part of a broader, unified security posture, that also protects APIs, stops bots, and reduces client-side risks. All of this must happen while not burdening teams with undue management headaches. Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the answer to tackle all the above and keep your business protected.

Cloudflare and Systal can help you significantly reduce your business risk exposure to the web. Contact us for more information.

  • The partnership between Cloudflare and Systal Technology Solutions exemplifies the power of collaboration, seamlessly merging cutting edge cloud security and expertise to forge secure and efficient managed cloud services for a brighter digital future

    Mike Awford, Channel Sales Director, Europe.