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Network Strategy

Our network strategy and optimisation offering helps your network remain robust, secure, and capable of adapting to growing and evolving demands.

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Network Professional Services

Infrastructure Cost Optimisation

We help you define infrastructure to support efficient and effective business outcomes. We do this via continuous monitoring, assessment, and adjustment to align with changing business needs and technological advancements while maximising business effectiveness and efficiency.

Architecture and Roadmaps

We ensure your architecture is fit for purpose and can meet your business’s growing demands. Key areas include hardware and software upgrades, security enhancements, capacity planning, cloud integration, and emerging technology adoption.

Integration and Migration

We provide network assessment and planning, compatibility and integration between key elements, data migration and interconnectivity (either at Layer 2 or 3). This is invaluable where Mergers & Acquisitions are involved, or there is a move from ‘Classic IT’ to SDN (software-defined networking) and Cloud.

Consulting Staff Augmentation

We provide quick access to skilled network professionals or teams with specific expertise tailored to your project requirements, as an extension of your IT team. We help you avoid the costs of hiring full time employees and provide skills that are not internally available.

New Product Development

We create vendor-agnostic networking solutions to meet your evolving business needs by integrating advanced technologies, enhancing security, and providing unique features tailored to your demands.

Workflow and Process Automation

We streamline and automate repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and reducing human intervention. This enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, minimises errors, and improves overall productivity. We adopt ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ practices where necessary.

Business Process Reengineering

We analyse and redesign workflows and processes within your organisation, optimising end-to-end operations and enhancing overall performance.

Associated Business Outcomes

By integrating continuous performance monitoring and periodic evaluations, your business can more promptly identify emerging issues and implement the necessary adjustments, ensuring your network remains robust, secure, and capable of meeting evolving organisational needs.

Cost Optimisation

• Simplifies network solutions
• Optimises blend of on-shore, near shore and offshore resources
• Consolidates Network, Cloud and data centre hosting
• Provides access for BYOD from shared devices and infrastructures
• Enables offering more competitive rates for IT services
• Commercial innovation avoids margin-on-margin pricing
• Integrate services with inhouse and commercial managed solutions

Enhance Business Continuity

• Helps define IT security and service policies to meet regulatory requirements
• Integrates zero-trust IT infrastructures with user access logon
• Improves definition of backup processes.
• Creates higher motivated, productive and more valued IT teams

Improve Agility and Revenue Growth

• Improves geographical and user access to IT operations
• Facilitates of new premises and new application hosting
• Future proofs and roadmaps network solutions
• Improves ease of technology use and adoption


Global Investment Manager – 24×7 NOC Provision Services

Our customer, a global investment management company, reduces costs, service threats and incident resolution times with bespoke solution and 24×7 managed network service.

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