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Navigating the Complexities of Cyber Security

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Adherence to industry-recognised cyber security frameworks is difficult, but reactive ‘whack-a-mole’ approaches are far more costly in the long-term. In this blog, Systal Security Solutions’ VP of Professional Services Mark Clegg explains why achieving and maintaining adherence to industry-recognised frameworks can be the guiderails to your organisation’s cyber strategy.

Frameworks and Standards: the guiderails to your cyber strategy

From mitigating risks to neutralising the threat of associated financial penalties for non-compliance, adhering to best practice cyber security frameworks and standards will provide vast benefits to your organisation.

Although not designed to be panaceas for every cyber security threat, they provide comprehensive, coherent, and systematic approaches to assist in the development and execution of your cyber security strategy, The result of deep and wide assessment from comprehensive consultation across experts and organisations, cyber security frameworks and standards help promote good governance of cyber security risk management, enabling improved transparency and communications from operational teams through to executives.

By contrast, piece-meal, reactive ‘whack-a-mole’ approaches to cyber security can be costly and can simply serve to address today’s concerns rather than enabling your organisation’s long-term business strategy.

Meeting compliance and commercial obligations 

Standards and frameworks form essential elements of our operating environments and require appropriate attention. In some contexts, geographies and industries, adherence to certain standards and frameworks is quite simply a compliance obligation, to stay within the confines of local and international laws and regulations, such as:

This proliferation of laws and regulations is illustrative of an increasing intensity which must be factored into how individual businesses meet their compliance obligations. Additionally, commercial agreements can often include the requirement to maintain adherence with specific cyber security standards, sometimes evidenced by independent accredited certification. These standards can be internationally recognised or client-stipulated, or often a combination of the two.

Navigating barriers to achieving compliance 

The problem is, achieving and maintaining compliance can be a significant task. It requires resources, designated programmes of activity and commitments to ongoing monitoring. You need to be sure that your cyber security arrangements will:

  • Meet your customers’ expectations
  • Enable transparency and communications
  • Comply with industry recognised frameworks
  • Sit within your organisation’s local and international laws.

Systal Security Solutions can help. Our Cyber Security Industry Frameworks and Standards service will help you navigate the complexity of frameworks, standards as well as laws and regulations impacting your organisation, ensuring you have appropriate information and cyber security controls in place.

Our service ensures that your organisation is compliant with industry recognised frameworks and your business activities are within the limits of local and international laws. We will provide you with a common language to address the challenges of managing cyber security risks to achieve organisational strategies.

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