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Business email compromise (BEC) is the no.1 threat to business security. Phishing, malware, account takeover and data leakage accounted for more than $2.7 billion in 2022, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Although your firm will most likely have some form of email security in place, hackers are increasingly able to bypass common native protection and Secure Email Gateways. Over 90% of attacks start from a malicious email and 75% of ransomware attacks are email-borne. Successful phishing and ransomware attacks can cause significant financial damage, and closing this security gap requires protection from various threat vectors.

How can Systal help?

Systal security specialists can help your business stay secure and protect your valuable data. We partner with the world’s leading email security services, helping prevent phishing emails from reaching end users’ mailboxes. Our solution is designed to add another layer to your existing protection, sitting behind your existing Secure Email Gateway or Native Protection as a last line of defence before the inbox.

Book a free email health check

A Systal email health check will provide you with insights into how many phishing emails are not currently being picked up by your existing email protection. Our solution can be deployed in as little as 2 minutes and sits behind your existing protection or gateway. For more information, book a consultation with a Systal expert.

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