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Digital Forensics Concepts for Legal Firms

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In this blog and industry paper, Systal’s DFIR Consultant Calum Baird explains 20 key digital evidence and forensics concepts facing today’s legal professionals…

The rapid pace of technology makes it challenging for legal professionals to stay informed about digital evidence and forensics concepts amidst their already demanding workloads. This evidence can often be pivotal in the outcome of legal proceedings, both criminal and civil, and understanding these concepts is essential for using them effectively in court.

This is why Systal’s Digital Forensics team have been asked to present a seminar on Mobile Phone Forensics to the Law Society of Scotland next week (tickets available on link). Legal professionals equipped with this knowledge can present more effective legal arguments by being able to:

  • Better understand digital evidence in their case.
  • Identify where the admissibility of this evidence can be challenged.
  • Prepare for effective witness examination.
  • Identify potential undiscovered sources of evidence.

With over 90% of all crime having some form of digital element and the ubiquitous nature of technology, the potential for digital evidence has never been higher. With that in mind, we have written a paper to help provide legal professionals with an overview of the key digital evidence and forensics concepts that frequently appear in court, along with their evidential relevance. The paper explains twenty key concepts:

1. Digital Evidence
2. Digital Forensics
3. Attribution
4. Digital Files
5. Software
6. Operating Systems
8. File Systems
9. Metadata
10. EXIF Data
11. Timestamps
12. Accessible and Inaccessible Files
13. Deleting Files and File Recovery
14. Thumbnail Images
15. Cache
16. Cookies
17. Cloud Computing
18. Cloud Storage
19. Internet Protocol Addresses
20. Hash Values

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20 Key Digital Forensics Concepts for Legal Professionals

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Download our free paper, which explores 20 key digital evidence and forensics concepts that frequently appear in court.