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Managed Cloud WAF: Protecting Critical Applications

Applications are as critical as ever to enterprise businesses, which is why they are relentlessly targeted by attackers. Join Cloudflare and Systal on this 45-minute webinar as we explore 2024’s application security threat landscape and how Managed Cloud WAF reduces enterprise business risk.

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Improving your security posture with Cloud Web Application Firewall

Applications are as critical as ever to businesses, which is why they are relentlessly targeted by attackers, amounting to growing organisational security concerns.

Concerns range from remaining protected against emerging 0-day exploits, to detecting evasion attempts, to reducing risk of credential stuffing that leads to account takeover, to detecting data loss, scanning for malware uploads to applications, even sophisticated distributed denial of service attacks.

These concerns are coupled with the need to ensure application protections are part of a broader, unified security posture, that also protects APIs, stops bots, and reduces client-side risks. All of this must happen while not burdening teams with undue management headaches.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the answer to tackle all the above and keep your business protected.

Join our webinar to learn how WAF will significantly reduce your business risk exposure to the web.


  • Understand current application security threats landscape.
  • Translate these security risks and threats to business risks.
  • Review main Web Application Firewall functions and features.
  • Learn how to be fully protected when you don´t have a security team of experts.
  • Q&A

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