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Global IT Company – Azure and 365 Cost Optimisation

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Azure and 365 Optimisation Assessment
Cloud Managed Service
Automated Cloud Governance
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Systal Success Stories: Azure and 365 Cost Optimisation Assessment leads to improved governance and monthly savings of over 15% for global IT client.  

As part of their cloud-first strategy, our client, a key player in the technology sector, required greater control, understanding and transparency over their cloud infrastructure. Rather than being driven solely by cutting costs, the desired outcome was to improve operational efficiency and ensure the cost of running the cloud-based infrastructure was providing measurable value to the business. 

Key Customer Challenges 
  • Resource Constraints – The client’s internal IT team was responsible for managing the cloud spend on Azure but were finding it difficult to manage it effectively due to time and resource constraints.  
  • Governance – Although the client had governance policies in place, these were not enforced which represented some risk around misconfiguration and unauthorised deployment of cloud resources. 
How did Systal Help? 

Health Check: Systal onboarded the client into our SCOUT Assessment Service to carry out a free initial Health Check of their Azure and Microsoft 365 environments. This process highlighted some potentially significant cost savings and unexpected governance issues around the established decommissioning and cleanup activities. 

Dedicated Managed Service: Following the results of the Health Check, the client opted to engage Systal in an ongoing managed service. Using our robust monitoring tools and regular reporting activity, Systal’s assigned Service Delivery team regularly discussed cloud optimisation with the client to continually enhance cost savings and operational efficiency. 

Monitoring and Optimisation: In addition to the managed service, we set up alert functionality for key stakeholders within the client’s organisation. This allowed us to ensure any unexpected increases in forecasted cloud spend or other anomalies in the client’s cloud environment were detected and resolved early. 

Key Customer Benefits 

15% Cloud Consumption Cost Savings – This assessment and ongoing managed service has optimised cloud spend and resulted in significant cost savings for the client, with monthly savings of over 15% on cloud consumption costs. 

Optimised Cloud Resources & Resource Allocation – The identification and removal of all orphaned cloud resources has enabled the client to improve resource allocation, save on costs, prevent misconfiguration and simplify their operations. 

Enhanced Cloud Governance – New governance measures have given the client an environment which is secure and compliant, enabling them to confidently manage risks and ensure business continuity.  

Azure and Microsoft 365 Visibility and Control – The client has regained visibility and control over their Azure and 365 environments. 

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