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Global FMCG Business – Switch Replacement Project

Services Provided

✓ Full Network Estate Audit
✓ Follow-up Site Survey
✓ End of Life Switch Replacement
✓ Hardware Configuration


✓ Consumer Goods


✓ Global


Systal Success Stories: End-of-Life Switch Replacement Project (Global FMCG Business)

Following an audit of their OT network and as part of a wider End-Of-Life programme, our customer – one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies – engaged Systal in a switch replacement migration project.


How did Systal help?

✓ Network Estate Audit: Systal worked with the customer to deliver a full audit of their OT network in one of their European locations. Having gathered information about the customer’s estate to produce an LLD (low level design) of the current topology, we identified risks and provided recommendations on how to resolve existing issues between their old star network and IT network to increase network efficiency.

✓ Comprehensive Site Survey: On completion of the audit, the customer requested a follow-up site survey to focus specifically on their OT Ring. Our experts collected details about its current set-up to determine the possibility of migrating the redundant end-of-life switches to new Cisco hardware. The site survey findings highlighted the need for a significant number of additional switches.

✓ Pre-Staging and Remote Configuration: Against tight migration timelines due to an agreed change window, we assigned additional engineering resources both on-site and remote to complete pre-staging and remote configuration tasks in preparation for migration. This involved overcoming initial configuration troubleshooting issues including the resolution of a firewall redundancy task.

✓ Customer Teamwork – Migration Planning: Having arrived on-site several days before the migration, our dedicated engineers unpacked and staged equipment, familiarised themselves with the large site and engaged with the customer’s engineer and support teams. The engineers worked in pairs with dedicated and “always on-call” assistance from remote engineers, the customer’s engineers and on-site management teams, utilising their Cisco expertise and knowledge of the site layout and moving robots.

✓ Successful Migration: Despite the last-minute addition of additional switches into scope, the migration was a huge success with all migration timelines successfully met. The customer’s OT Network now no longer carries the risk of End-of-Life hardware.



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