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Network Cost Optimisation

Global Financial Services Company – Data Centre Audit and Refresh

Services Provided

✓ Full System Audit
✓ Data centre optimisation
✓ Data centre network architecture


✓ Financial Services


✓ Global 


Systal Success Stories: Comprehensive audit and refresh improves data centre navigation and cost reduction for Fortune 500 company:

Our customer, a global financial services and Fortune 500 company , had held their data centre cage for several years, during which time their IT estate changed significantly. They asked Systal to support them by providing a full data centre audit and refresh to restore order to their neglected space.


How did Systal help? 

✓ Full System Audit: On-site Systal engineers conducted a full audit of the cage contents, including:

– Detailing devices stored in each cabinet
– Confirming with customers’ wider IT team which devices were still in use
– Identifying and removing redundant kit for secure disposal
– Reducing the overall cost of power supply to cabinets
– Reducing associated cooling costs.

✓ Data Centre Optimisation: On completion of the full system audit, Systal worked with the customer to plan an effective optimisation strategy to logically and functionally group devices to increase data centre efficiency. Further improvements were made by replacing cables with a colour-coded system, making it easy for engineers to spot network, management, and console cables, to improve the speed of cable tracing in the event of an incident.

Key Customer Benefits

✓ Cost Reduction: Removing redundant devices reduced the required power supply to cabinets and associated cooling costs, significantly reducing the customer’s system running costs.

✓ Increased Data Centre Efficiency: Our engineers organised and optimised the data centre, giving the customer the navigable cage that they needed. With devices functionally grouped, data centre navigation became much easier.

✓ Minimal Business Disruption: Our team worked to relocate devices outside of hours, minimising customer business impact.

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