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Commercial Property Company – Firewall Audit

Services Provided

✓ Full Firewall Audit
✓ Firewall Optimisation


✓ Commercial Property


✓ Global 


Systal Success Stories: Global commercial property company upgrade firewall management solution and enhance network security with comprehensive audit and refresh:

Our customer, a global commercial property company were looking to modernise their firewall management by moving from one solution to another.  Prior to supporting the migration of the rules, Systal were engaged to complete an audit of the existing firewall estate to ensure all of the migrated rules were relevant and sufficiently secure.


How did Systal help? 

✓ Full Firewall Audit: Systal engineers conducted a comprehensive audit of the client’s entire estate, including:

  • Detailed investigation of individual firewall rules.
  • Rule assessment in line with the customers security policies and standards.
  • Identification and remediation of sub-standard rules.
  • Implementation of naming convention for ease of future management.

✓ Firewall Optimisation: The completion of the firewall estate audit identified around 600 outdated and sub-standard rules to be removed from our customers estate. Systal engineers then assessed all remaining rules and adjusted accordingly to enhance our customers security posture and overall network efficiency.

Key Customer Benefits

✓ Enhanced Network Security: The identification of sub-standard rules increased the customers network security by addressing and remediating all system vulnerabilities.

✓ Increased Network Efficiency: The removal of outdated rules from the customers estate increased overall network speed and efficiency.

✓ Reduced Complexity: The implementation of the naming convention increased ease of future system management.

Firewalls are the first line of defence when it comes to keeping dangerous traffic out of your network. Ensure your business is protected!

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