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Cloud Technical Services

Providing you with the design, implementation and project services required for successful cloud deployment and integration with classic IT environments.

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Cloud Technical Services

Infrastructure Migration and Modernisation

We help you migrate your server infrastructure and modernise your applications to benefit fully from the flexibility, security, on-demand performance and scalability of a cloud experience. Our cloud experts assess your infrastructure and provide recommendations on how best to migrate and take advantage of cloud-native services and modern cloud architecture.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

We work with you to develop and implement your hybrid and multi-cloud adoption initiatives helping you manage the overall orchestration, integration, and control of your cloud resources.


We design and implement an analytics environment that is less costly and has more capabilities than traditional data processing environments.

Cloud Networking

We assist in defining and implementing your network design, including network security elements to enable your cloud environment to integrate and operate with the remote users and servers in your existing network.

AI and Machine Learning

We enable you to maximise the use of AI and Machine Learning through effective system design. By transforming your ecosystem to be proactive and predictive we can reduce the risk of human error and empower your developers to take advantage of these self-provisioned, cloud-scale resources.

Database Migration, ETL and Data Warehousing

Through design and implementation we optimise the use of your cloud storage, data lakes, factories and pipelines.

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