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Cloud Assessment and Strategy Consulting

Our Cloud Assessment and Strategy offering provides you with the necessary guidance and technical strategy required for successful cloud adoption.

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Cloud Assessment and Strategy Consulting

Cloud Professional Services

Strategy and Roadmap Development

We work with you to understand your motivations, business goals and objectives and align these to a cloud adoption strategy. We can help build your business case and help you define what, where and how you host your applications, regardless of the type of cloud, public / private or classic IT environment. We then produce a comprehensive and actionable roadmap to ensure successful results at every stage of the journey.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Using tool-based analysis, we assess your existing applications and server infrastructure to determine their suitability and compatibility for migration to a cloud-based platform or service.

Architecture and Design

After aligning your cloud architecture with your business application goals we will help design your target cloud architecture or review and validate your existing cloud deployment using well-architected frameworks and vendor defined best practices as a guide. This ensures any cloud-based workloads are resilient, secure and cost efficient while maintaining a high level of performance.

Migration Planning

We work with you to create your business case for cloud migration, categorising and prioritising your workloads and building out a cloud landing zone in preparation for migration activity. We use recognised cloud adoption frameworks to create a solid foundation tailored around your requirements and provide the platform required for a smooth and efficient migration process.

Cost Assessment

We assess your existing environment and provide recommendations on potential cost savings through reserved instances, right-sizing, identification of orphaned resources and efficient licensing.

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